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Instructional Skating and Hockey Skills for all Levels

Bruce brings over 35 years of experience in both basic and advance skating and hockey skills through various power skating schools and high level hockey training in Canada.  He has played for an elite College Team (Humber College) and was a member of Etobicoke Speed Skating Club.  After identifying that many young hockey players were weak in specific elements of the game, he created 'BUDS for Hockey' program with specific drills for players to improve their overall development of the greatest game in the world. 


 B - Skating is where it all begins!
BASIC skating drills will be taught on proper edges and balance.  These drills will result in increased speed and agility.  Backward skating will be taught at all levels and transitional drills for more advanced skaters.

U - Skating is not enough!
UNDERSTANDING how to anticipate the play and be in the proper position is extremely important.  Cross-ice play with stoppages to give instructions during play will be part of each session.  Hockey is a cerebral sport and becomes more important as the game speeds up.

D - Our mandate for each clinic.
all players regardless of level is our commitment to participants of BUDS 4 HOCKEY.  Through one-on-one instruction from our coaches the player will improve in all aspects of playing the game.

S - Playing the greatest game in the world!
such as stick-handling, passing and shooting will be taught at all levels.  The earlier these skills are taught through repetition the more natural they will become and will translate more easily to game situations.  Puck movement will be taught to advanced players as the pace of play speeds up as they continue their development.


Bruce is a member of the Professional Skating Association and skates out of the Palisades Arena.

He's available for private and group sessions for both skating and hockey.


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