Welcome to Buds 4 Hockey

Welcome to Buds 4 Hockey

Welcome to Buds 4 HockeyWelcome to Buds 4 HockeyWelcome to Buds 4 Hockey

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Bruce fowler


 Bruce brings years of experience in both basic and advance skating and hockey skills. Over 50 years of skating he has advanced through various power skating schools and high level hockey training camps. In Canada, Bruce played hockey with an elit college team [ Humber College] and was a member of the Etobicoke Speed Skating Club. Member of the Professional Skating Association Bruce offers both private and group classes. 

Starting this Fall Bruce is bringing the New York Rangers Learn To Play program to The Palisades Mall.

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happy students


Here's an email I received from the mother of one of my students.


Hi Bruce!

Hope all is well. We miss seeing you with Ava on the ice. This pic came up on my Facebook memories today of you and Ava 8 years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long?? It’s been a crazy but very successful hockey season with Ava & her team winning The Detroit Elite Girls Invite and beating the top teams in the Nation. Ava came out on top in the tournament with points. Then they swept the EJEPL to win that championship and took States, pretty amazing. But best of all is she made amazing friends and we met great people. We have decided to tryout up at MidFairfield Stars where Ava made the team after the first tryout with her line of Chloe and Sarah. The three of them together are awesome and I hope you get to see them play some time. They were literally the best 06 girls line in the country last season in points. Anyway, hopefully she can get on the ice with you soon. You’re one of the biggest reason for her success so I wanted to share what was going on and say thank you 😁.

About Us

Instructional Skating and Hockey Skills for all Levels


Bruce brings over 35 years of experience in both basic and advance skating and hockey skills through various power skating schools and high level hockey training in Canada.  He has played for an elite College Team (Humber College) and was a member of Etobicoke Speed Skating Club.  After identifying that many young hockey players were weak in specific elements of the game, he created 'BUDS for Hockey' program with specific drills for players to improve their overall development of the greatest game in the world. 



 B - Skating is where it all begins!
BASIC skating drills will be taught on proper edges and balance.  These drills will result in increased speed and agility.  Backward skating will be taught at all levels and transitional drills for more advanced skaters.

U - Skating is not enough!
UNDERSTANDING how to anticipate the play and be in the proper position is extremely important.  Cross-ice play with stoppages to give instructions during play will be part of each session.  Hockey is a cerebral sport and becomes more important as the game speeds up.

D - Our mandate for each clinic.
all players regardless of level is our commitment to participants of BUDS 4 HOCKEY.  Through one-on-one instruction from our coaches the player will improve in all aspects of playing the game.

S - Playing the greatest game in the world!
such as stick-handling, passing and shooting will be taught at all levels.  The earlier these skills are taught through repetition the more natural they will become and will translate more easily to game situations.  Puck movement will be taught to advanced players as the pace of play speeds up as they continue their development.



Bruce is a member of the Professional Skating Association and skates out of the Palisades Arena.

He's available for private and group sessions for both skating and hockey.



My son Andrew started with Bruce at the age of 4 and we have since been attending his Buds4hockey clinics at various times of the year.  Now at the age of 8, Andrew continues to play travel and tournament hockey.

Bruce possesses an in-depth knowledge of the game, and his technical instruction benefits all students of varying skill levels.  Bruce has a wonderful rapport with the kids, and his sincere attitude is respected by all the players.  Most importantly, Bruce provides constant corrective feedback by immediately addressing areas of deficits.  Some clinics can become laborious and "boring", but Andrew enjoys going to "Bruce" whenever we have the opportunity, and has learned so much from his guidance and expertise.  Bruce is passionately committed to his craft, and we look forward to attending other clinics in the future.

Eric F.

Bruce Fowler combines an in-depth knowledge of and love for hockey with a genuine desire to teach and see beginners and young players develop and strengthen both their skating and stick-handling skills. He teaches solid fundamentals of hockey, including both skating and stick-handling, all while allowing kids to learn and apply those skills in a game-type setting." 
Mike and Kelley, New York

"After taking a thirty five year break from skating, I am back into it. My goal is to play in a mens league. after attending a half dozen of Bruce's clinics, I feel I have enough knowledge to play...   The instructors are very talented and are quick to give a tip...Thanks, Bruce " 
Lou Ballardini,  West Nyack, NY

"Bruce is great with kids. My six year-old son immediately responded to him on and off the ice and has made tremendous improvements in his skating over the past year and a half with Bruce. His private lessons are always challenging but fun.  More recently we began doing the Saturday hockey clinics which enable johnny to apply his skating skills to real hockey drills and cross-ice scrimages. The team of clinic coaches are top notch and clearly love both the game and the kids!  We plan to continue both private lessons with Bruce as well as the Mites Clinic into the foreseeable future."
Shannon Cloney, New City, NY

"Bruce and his coaches do a terrific job stressing the fundamentals of hockey skating such as balance, edge control, turning, backwards skating and pivots.  The drills focusing on game situations improve stick
handling, passing, and defensive awareness.  Great clinic for young players to improve in all areas of hockey."
Colin Kelly,  Tappan

Bruce and his staff of coaches are absolutely wonderful. It’s obvious how much they love the sport of hockey, and how willing they are to share their knowledge of the game. I’ve been impressed with how sincerely Bruce wants to help to develop the ability levels of all the players. In the clinics they work on the fundamentals, skills, and principals of the game in a way the kids really respond to. Even in a group, the boys and girls get individual attention, and a focus is given to their particular needs. My son loves to attend the clinics, and always feels so confident and happy when he steps off the ice."-Antonia Noonan, Orangeburg, NY